Friday, May 18, 2012

Palazzo artists:-))))

Edward Kyomoon:

Edward has been performing in Second Life since November of 2007.  Starting at the age of 16 he began performing live for audiences, going on to play guitar and keyboards in several local rock bands in the early 90's.  In Real Life he works in the studio as a recording engineer so he knows what it takes to produce a sound that rocks!  .... including many of the backing tracks he uses for his live performances.
Edward gives you high energy rock music and love songs, performing live on either acoustic or electric guitar.  From high energy guitar solos and soaring vocals to acoustic ballads and love songs that make the girls swoon, he is sure to please any audience he draws.  
Ranging from the 60's to the present, his sets cover bands and artists such as: The Doors, Pink Floyd, Blue October, Snow Patrol, Coldplay and Nine Inch Nails. His experiences in Second Life inspire him to compose new music, thus giving his sets some of his original music as well as covers.

Chad Scheuta:
Musician, Guitarist, and Multi-instrumentalist for over 35 years, Chad brings out Gentle Emotions in his songs. He wants to have fun and he wants YOU to have fun.  His soft gentle voice will make your heart skip a beat.

Hedy Patrucci:
Love singing Blues, Motown, Jazz, Country, Gospel and other genres.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thumper Boucher at Palazzo Celestiale!!

Like I said in a previous post, I will get that man on stage at Palazzo Celestiale. And.... mission accomplished!!! Thumper Boucher was on stage yesterday and OH Man what a show and what a crowd!!! Thumper Thank YOUUUUUUU! And people Thank You all for coming and having fun with us:-)))

Thursday, May 3, 2012

And another amazing artist to come: Thumper Boucher

I feel I have known Thumper Boucher all my SL, and somehow that is true. In a former life I used to have my own stage and Thumper did 2 shows on it. Then I lost track of him untill a couple of weeks ago Dani took me to one of his shows.
He is still the man I remember, great voice, great instrumentalist and a great entertainer with loads of special effects.
Therefor I invited him to perform at Palazzo Celestiale, I think everyone I know must see this man perform. I have not set a date with him yet but it will be very soon:-))
Thumper, luv ya man!!!

Palazzo Celestiale and his artists:-)

I've been singing unprofessionally for 9 years around the internet.  Longer than that in person.  I've performed at live karaoke functions in Florida.  I used to help run a couple of them.   Singing in SL is my #1 passion.  Some of my influences are Toby Kieth, Brand Paisley, Rodney Adkins And Trace Adkins to name a few.  If you want to book me for your venue, barring any prior bookings, I'll be availabe anytime after 11:00 A. M.  as I work until then, Monday through Friday.   I will also sing for weddings and special events, including charity benefits that are sanctioned by SL, (whereas SL recognizes the charity and won't charge exchange rates.)  You can bring up my profile URL and see my calendar of my bookings and times.  Contact myself or my manager WhispersOfTheWind1960 Resident, TY for looking at my biography and I hope to see you soon.

Lefty Unplugged:
UK based acoustic singer/songwriter over 30yrs experience.
My writing covers many genres, I have a catalogue of over 80 original songs, and though I prefer to play originals I also cover many songs from the 50's to the present day.

Lou Mannock:
Time and again, returns an artist who audaciously captures the hearts and minds of listeners with undeniably hook-driven songs that feel familiar, yet are unlike anything you’ve ever heard.  
Whether it's rock or love ballads you like, you'll find Lou Mannock's vocals deliver a raw and powerful combination of songs with complete emotional sincerity and with equal despair, as he covers songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today as well as his own original music. Come and hear Lou Mannock sing live. He is a veteran performer making his presence known throughout the grid since 2006!

Mapoo Little:
Mapoo Little first started singing at the tender age of two years old.  A British girl, aged 25, Mapoo has always had a passion for singing and believes that music can heal peoples pain.  Singing is the ultimate expression of how she is feeling inside.
Mapoo has been told that she sounds a lot like Anastacia and Tina Turner, and other stars but different people have different views and Mapoo is no pretender or emulator, any similarities are flattering but coincidental.  Mapoo Little performs a lot of Variety Music, from Pop to Soul, Dance to Jazz and also some Oldies - But wait till you hear her sing Motown, the lady is a diva!

Mike Nelson:
A professional musician in RL I bring my own brand of keep em on their feet rock and roll to SL, put your dancing shoes on and join the party.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Piano

Today Lindens were doing maintenance on the grid and i suppose it is needed once in a while, the sad thing is nobody could get on, not even artists. But hey as soon as i got in i had to get this 1 prim piano and i love it:-)))

Chardonnay loves it as much as me, just telling how bad SL can get, I still have that good spirit here, i just love SL:-)

Friday, April 20, 2012

HBO "When Strangers Click" with documentary maker Robert Kenner and Bara...

I have found this film on another blog today. On my blog I mostly write about the artists I see perform on Second Life so this film has put a smile on my face, also I think it's a good thing for the actual Live artists to read and watch.
Avatar Bara Johnson started to sing in Second Live, and at one point he just recorded a whole album in New York. Well maybe just watch the movie and you will know what im blabbing about:-) (you will need to take your time because the movie is almost 40 minutes but it's worth it, trust me)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another selection of some great Live Artists at Palazzo Celestiale

Jon Gourdou:
Hailing live from Denmark, 
Jon Gourdou summonds the legends of country, folk, rock and blues with his tender voice and accoustic guitar. 
Come be swept away, in the depth of his soul and the light of his remorseless beauty......

Mike Nelson:
A professional musician in RL I bring my own brand of keep em on their feet rock and roll to SL, put your dancing shoes on and join the party.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012