Sunday, January 29, 2012

Second Life live artist: Whirli Placebo

Well, I'm driven tonight. From one event to another... hopping like crazy... but stopped at 'Virtualmusic Services'.
Why? Good question.
Whirli Placebo on stage right now and I am very surprised and a bit confused;-)

Let me just put this down:

What People Say About Whirli:
"bold" - I.W.
"deadly" - M.L.
" a breath of fresh air" 
"supercrazyfunnyfantasticbombasticcool" - A.T.
"der geht einigermaßen."  - Anonymous
"Musical anarchy!" - J.N.
"when i listen to whirli, i feel like i need to put my glasses on"
"drama magnet: I could get used to you!" -L.L.
"just totally cool!!!" me;-)


That is all I can say for now.... he astonished me that is for sure!!!

Second Life live artist: Icecremn Merlin

As I write this I am at 'Lost Lovers Island', listening to Icecremn Merlin. I heard him last week for the first time and could not resist the group invitation to see him again tonight. He is a great performer with a very magical voice.
What does a blogger need more then blog about one of her favourate artists while listening him performing:-))))

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I have a job!!!!

Yes I have a job in Second Life:-)))
I'm a hostess at Palazzo Celestiale Live Music Venue. Yesterday I had my first two events to host and it went great, I really enjoy welcoming people and help them to have a good time at a Live event. Tonight I will do my second two events so you are all welcome to join me from 8 AM till 10 AM SLT. You can find all the details about the events on Second Live home page under the tab 'event' and then choose 'live music':-))

Friday, January 20, 2012

Music is my middle name....

I love music in RL and SL. If I clean my house in RL I always put on some music cause I hate cleaning but the music gets me through it.
If I'm sad, I put on music so I can feel more sad and cry and let all the emotions flow out.
If I'm happy I put on music so I can go totally freaky:-)
This is the same with SL.
If I go online, I land at my home and first thing I do is put the music on.... I can't live without it, for me its like water... we need water to survive, I need music to survive...
So here you see me at my music consoll, very retro (I love retro), nothing comes out of it but I like the way it looks and it suits me. I have my dancing radio to give me the sound:-)
Relaxing here with my music and looking at my picture Lingual made, thx friend, its totally cute:-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art in Second Life: Lingual Markus

I love my house but I still had some empty walls, so why not look for art again:-)
Found this, this is so me... pink, popart like I think and I love it:-)

Now about the artist, Lingual Markus, this is what he says about himself:

I was born to take photos. From the time I was young, my mother crowded everyone together to get the family snap, or she traveled around the world and has photos of her and my dad. This drove me the other way. Though I do pester my friends and their kids to smile, I have found greater peace when the camera is facing away from people's faces and on beautiful landscapes or on fun funny pets. In real life, I do pet photography and have had photo exhibitions on my travels to Italy, New England, The Southwest, as well as the Mid Atlantic and Pacific Northwest areas. 

On SL, I merge the media, adding sl photos to my rl backgrounds, and had taken my rl photos and manipulated them to look more like something you would find on sl. My latest technique is photos of sl locations and objects merged with incredible textural backgrounds. All are fun, and add something to my repertoire. I am inspired to keep getting better and trying different things!

Keep doing what you're doing Lingual, you are good at it:-)

Art in Second Life: Amona Savira

I don't know much about art, but when I see something beautiful I have to have it. So last night a friend of mine invited me to this exhibition and yes... I saw beautiful stuff there. These two pictures captured my eye immediately, last night I bought one, the other one I bought today:-)

Now about the artist, Amona Savira, this is what she says about herself:

I work as a photographer, and run  my own studio. Besides taking avatar photos, I do take photos of landscapes, sims, architecture. You can see excamples of that on Flickr.

Please IM me or send a note for photos
 Mission (smiles):
I dont run my studio to earn a lot of lindens but because I love to take photos inworld. I will give away photos if it is for an interesting cause and I might take  photos for free  for a new SL resident if I feel like it. Learning and developing my skills as a photographer is important to me, but I dont consider what I do as art. Maybe once out of a hundred times I might be close. I know enough about art to respect the difference. But I like to play around and I find it is a very creative way of expressing myself in SL.

Great job Amona:-))

Monday, January 16, 2012

Second Life live artist: Rocketman Galaxy

Rocketman... I have known him for quite some time now. He once sang a serenade to me, just to me:-). Since then we are friends and I like to follow his SL carreer as an SL performer.
Last night I went to see him perform at 'The Purelife Lodge'. I must be honest here, he is not the best SL performer but he is a great entertainer. He really drags his audience into his performance and it's always fun.

This is what he says about himself:

Hi, I'm Rocketman!  I come from the little town of tattershall near Lincoln, I have served 22  years in the Army
I sing  a variety  of music, but especially like Elvis.  I have a broad selection of music for soft, slow dances in a ballroom, covers from Billy Fury and Buddy Holly,  also country music from Garth  Brooks,  Kenny Chesney,  Alan jackson toby keith  and more.  If you would like me to sing at your club or venue, I would be happy to do so.  Please send me a note card, your friend Rocketman Galaxy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Second Life live artist: Amforte Clarity

Amforte Clarity is for me one of the best SL live artist. As I write this blog I am listening to her, she is at this moment giving a concert at VirtualMusic Services Venue.

Who is Amforte Clarity:
Still driven to succeed, and now with a laser focus,  A.M.Forte has sought out different avenues for exposure. As a singer/songwriter, she hasn't given up on her dreams to become known worldwide.
With Punk/Rock/Pop flairs and influences that include,  U2, Nirvana, RadioHead, Alanis Morrissette, Coldplay,  Placebo,  The Cranberries, and Elliott Smith, she also plays originals, and her cover tunes are songs she has taken and made her own.

A piece from her review in The Rough Giraffe #33:
"Once you have had the chance to hear one of Amforte's shows you are hooked. There is no getting around the fact that she is one of the most talented performers I have ever had the chance to encounter. Accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, looking hot as hell and having a voice that would be able to melt the icecaps (too bad we have global warming taking care of that one already), she dazzles the world."

She was voted Best of SL Magazine Musician of 2009 in the Ministry of Motion Contest!

Visit her at the following Websites:

For bookings and additional information:
Lingual Markus: Markus Musician Management

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 'away' mode

I was minding my own business at my land but I do use my radar to track people... I just love to profile perv.
I saw this girl in 'away' mode.
It reminded me of how I was 5 years ago on SL, when I did nothing for like 2 minutes I looked like her... I kinda thought that feature was gone but noooo.
So noobs, if you don't like the 'away' mode do this:
1. Go edit
2. Preferences
3. Tab General
4. Unmark 'Auto trigger away mode when iddle

You will look so much nicer when people like me cam around *winks

Then again, sometimes when you are busy with something like... blogging;-)
You can notify that to others so they won't disturbe while you are doing whatever you are doing.
1. Go World
2. Set Away or Set busy

Thumbs up!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Life live artist: Saintess Larnia

Last night I went to a live event in Second Life and saw Saintess Larnia perform for the first time. I must say she blew me away with her voice, it was totally fantastic. 
The venue she performed at was The Lost continent and the theme was medieval and I had a great time:-)

Who is Saintess Larnia? :
UK singer-songwriter and guitarist Saintess Larnia has become one of SL's premier performing artists. Her sultry sweet vocals and warm interaction with audiences are the key to her popularity. Saintess plays covers from a diverse repertoire that includes Eva Cassidy, Staind, Florence & The Machine and many more, as well as her own sassy-sexy-original tales from a modern girl's life.

Saintess grew up and resides in the UK. On SL she reigns. She holds court of the live music scene. I might be getting carried away, but she really is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  But it has to be said, Saintess is a crown jewel! Her sceptre is the acoustic guitar. Her voice is queen. Reminiscent of an angel but she can bring out the devil in you when she serenades. She does not only look stunning, her talent is undeniable and with one note, perfectly pitched, she can make zillions of tingling sensations travel through your body. Yes, Saintess knows how to do it and even more, she does it.

Samples of her songs and performance listings can be found on

For bookings and additional information:
Management: Lingual Markus, Markus Musician Management or Sarina Dumart - assistant

Friday, January 6, 2012


Picture Perfect

I still needed some art above my fireplace. Last night a good friend of mine invited me to an exhitition and I there saw my.... Picture Perfect:-)