Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art in Second Life: Amona Savira

I don't know much about art, but when I see something beautiful I have to have it. So last night a friend of mine invited me to this exhibition and yes... I saw beautiful stuff there. These two pictures captured my eye immediately, last night I bought one, the other one I bought today:-)

Now about the artist, Amona Savira, this is what she says about herself:

I work as a photographer, and run  my own studio. Besides taking avatar photos, I do take photos of landscapes, sims, architecture. You can see excamples of that on Flickr.

Please IM me or send a note for photos
 Mission (smiles):
I dont run my studio to earn a lot of lindens but because I love to take photos inworld. I will give away photos if it is for an interesting cause and I might take  photos for free  for a new SL resident if I feel like it. Learning and developing my skills as a photographer is important to me, but I dont consider what I do as art. Maybe once out of a hundred times I might be close. I know enough about art to respect the difference. But I like to play around and I find it is a very creative way of expressing myself in SL.

Great job Amona:-))

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