Thursday, January 12, 2012

Second Life live artist: Amforte Clarity

Amforte Clarity is for me one of the best SL live artist. As I write this blog I am listening to her, she is at this moment giving a concert at VirtualMusic Services Venue.

Who is Amforte Clarity:
Still driven to succeed, and now with a laser focus,  A.M.Forte has sought out different avenues for exposure. As a singer/songwriter, she hasn't given up on her dreams to become known worldwide.
With Punk/Rock/Pop flairs and influences that include,  U2, Nirvana, RadioHead, Alanis Morrissette, Coldplay,  Placebo,  The Cranberries, and Elliott Smith, she also plays originals, and her cover tunes are songs she has taken and made her own.

A piece from her review in The Rough Giraffe #33:
"Once you have had the chance to hear one of Amforte's shows you are hooked. There is no getting around the fact that she is one of the most talented performers I have ever had the chance to encounter. Accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, looking hot as hell and having a voice that would be able to melt the icecaps (too bad we have global warming taking care of that one already), she dazzles the world."

She was voted Best of SL Magazine Musician of 2009 in the Ministry of Motion Contest!

Visit her at the following Websites:

For bookings and additional information:
Lingual Markus: Markus Musician Management

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