Monday, January 16, 2012

Second Life live artist: Rocketman Galaxy

Rocketman... I have known him for quite some time now. He once sang a serenade to me, just to me:-). Since then we are friends and I like to follow his SL carreer as an SL performer.
Last night I went to see him perform at 'The Purelife Lodge'. I must be honest here, he is not the best SL performer but he is a great entertainer. He really drags his audience into his performance and it's always fun.

This is what he says about himself:

Hi, I'm Rocketman!  I come from the little town of tattershall near Lincoln, I have served 22  years in the Army
I sing  a variety  of music, but especially like Elvis.  I have a broad selection of music for soft, slow dances in a ballroom, covers from Billy Fury and Buddy Holly,  also country music from Garth  Brooks,  Kenny Chesney,  Alan jackson toby keith  and more.  If you would like me to sing at your club or venue, I would be happy to do so.  Please send me a note card, your friend Rocketman Galaxy.

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