Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art in Second Life: Lingual Markus

I love my house but I still had some empty walls, so why not look for art again:-)
Found this, this is so me... pink, popart like I think and I love it:-)

Now about the artist, Lingual Markus, this is what he says about himself:

I was born to take photos. From the time I was young, my mother crowded everyone together to get the family snap, or she traveled around the world and has photos of her and my dad. This drove me the other way. Though I do pester my friends and their kids to smile, I have found greater peace when the camera is facing away from people's faces and on beautiful landscapes or on fun funny pets. In real life, I do pet photography and have had photo exhibitions on my travels to Italy, New England, The Southwest, as well as the Mid Atlantic and Pacific Northwest areas. 

On SL, I merge the media, adding sl photos to my rl backgrounds, and had taken my rl photos and manipulated them to look more like something you would find on sl. My latest technique is photos of sl locations and objects merged with incredible textural backgrounds. All are fun, and add something to my repertoire. I am inspired to keep getting better and trying different things!

Keep doing what you're doing Lingual, you are good at it:-)

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