Friday, January 20, 2012

Music is my middle name....

I love music in RL and SL. If I clean my house in RL I always put on some music cause I hate cleaning but the music gets me through it.
If I'm sad, I put on music so I can feel more sad and cry and let all the emotions flow out.
If I'm happy I put on music so I can go totally freaky:-)
This is the same with SL.
If I go online, I land at my home and first thing I do is put the music on.... I can't live without it, for me its like water... we need water to survive, I need music to survive...
So here you see me at my music consoll, very retro (I love retro), nothing comes out of it but I like the way it looks and it suits me. I have my dancing radio to give me the sound:-)
Relaxing here with my music and looking at my picture Lingual made, thx friend, its totally cute:-)

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