Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 'away' mode

I was minding my own business at my land but I do use my radar to track people... I just love to profile perv.
I saw this girl in 'away' mode.
It reminded me of how I was 5 years ago on SL, when I did nothing for like 2 minutes I looked like her... I kinda thought that feature was gone but noooo.
So noobs, if you don't like the 'away' mode do this:
1. Go edit
2. Preferences
3. Tab General
4. Unmark 'Auto trigger away mode when iddle

You will look so much nicer when people like me cam around *winks

Then again, sometimes when you are busy with something like... blogging;-)
You can notify that to others so they won't disturbe while you are doing whatever you are doing.
1. Go World
2. Set Away or Set busy

Thumbs up!!!

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