Sunday, January 29, 2012

Second Life live artist: Whirli Placebo

Well, I'm driven tonight. From one event to another... hopping like crazy... but stopped at 'Virtualmusic Services'.
Why? Good question.
Whirli Placebo on stage right now and I am very surprised and a bit confused;-)

Let me just put this down:

What People Say About Whirli:
"bold" - I.W.
"deadly" - M.L.
" a breath of fresh air" 
"supercrazyfunnyfantasticbombasticcool" - A.T.
"der geht einigermaßen."  - Anonymous
"Musical anarchy!" - J.N.
"when i listen to whirli, i feel like i need to put my glasses on"
"drama magnet: I could get used to you!" -L.L.
"just totally cool!!!" me;-)


That is all I can say for now.... he astonished me that is for sure!!!

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