Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is a PINK post;-)

This is a Pink post... why??? First I love pink, the color, not that I would wear pink clothes hmm or decorate my house with it, pink just gives me that wonderful girly feeling.
Today I feel like that, girly and all wonderful and happy in spite of the winter, cold and snow outside.
My SL is going very good, I have a nice job as a host, I have great friends and one special one and last but not least I have an SL daughter called Nara:-)
I met Nara a few days ago, she is so cute and lovely... we klicked at once, she is not always on when I am because of the timezone (I'm in Europe and she is in Brazil), but I know I will be a great mom for her and she will be a great daughter to me but more important very good friends:-)))

So yes, I am walking on a PINK cloud now, so let me:-)))

Sends Pink kisses to all my readers.... ahum;-)

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