Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This makes me angry

[2012/02/20 11:13]  BLondeGirL Carami: Hello can u send me 200l :/ i need please
[2012/02/20 11:14]  machka Resident: there are some ways to get money in SL, you work or you buy money on the homepage:-)
[2012/02/20 11:14]  BLondeGirL Carami: but ı need now pplease
[2012/02/20 11:14]  BLondeGirL Carami: i give u back
[2012/02/20 11:14]  BLondeGirL Carami: please
[2012/02/20 11:15]  machka Resident: im sorry blondegirl,you got the wrong person to ask

Look everybody has to earn there own money, SL is no different from RL concerning this. I usually don't use the full names of the people to quote a conversation but this just makes me angry.
There are some ways to get SL money: work for it like I do as a host or you can just buy Lindens with your creditcard on the homepage.

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