Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second Life live artist: Kev Tyson

Last night I hosted Kev Tyson's show at Palazzo Celestiale. He is really amazing, he has a great voice but above all a large amount of entertainment:-)
I have hosted a couple of shows untill now but he was the only one who almost got me P my pants with laughter:-)
Way to go Kev!!!!

This is what Kev says about himself:

Hi there ,im Kev Tyson, its wonderfull you took the time to look at my bio card. I am 43 years old, English born london and a great music lover especialy Elvis, love to sing his songs and i hope i make a half decent  job of it. My dad is really my insperation, he plays the keyboard and his love of music is infectious to say the least.
I got into singing with a few friends on here you know who you are :-) and i hope i've improved as times gone on.
Love to try, thats my motto, better to try and fail and never try at all!
Please check out my myspace and my tribute to to the man himself Elvis A Presley links below.

Thank you again for checking my links and my bio and i hope i made you smile a litte too :-))
as you all make me smile.

You didn't make me smile Kev, you made me laugh a lot:-)))

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