Friday, February 17, 2012

The piano....

My SL daughter is very musical and very talented. She plays the violin in the Real World, but we both sat down and played the piano in Second Life.
While we sat down and played this music together I felt really close to her, very close. We not only played music but we had some great talks that night too.
Nara is so my daughter in SL, it's almost unbelievable how we connect in this world:-))

Many relationships in Second Live are doomed, I speak out of experience... but that mostly happens between adults.
My relationship with Nara, being a mother to her and she being a daughter to me will never be doomed, on the contrary, our relationship is a blessing from heaven:-)

I am not a big fan of classical music but I do have one or two favourate compositions. One of them is this: Für Elise by Beethoven.
I should change the name if Beethoven would approve into: Für Nara:-)))
I love you my sweet daughter:-)

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