Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Life live artist: Saintess Larnia

Last night I went to a live event in Second Life and saw Saintess Larnia perform for the first time. I must say she blew me away with her voice, it was totally fantastic. 
The venue she performed at was The Lost continent and the theme was medieval and I had a great time:-)

Who is Saintess Larnia? :
UK singer-songwriter and guitarist Saintess Larnia has become one of SL's premier performing artists. Her sultry sweet vocals and warm interaction with audiences are the key to her popularity. Saintess plays covers from a diverse repertoire that includes Eva Cassidy, Staind, Florence & The Machine and many more, as well as her own sassy-sexy-original tales from a modern girl's life.

Saintess grew up and resides in the UK. On SL she reigns. She holds court of the live music scene. I might be getting carried away, but she really is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  But it has to be said, Saintess is a crown jewel! Her sceptre is the acoustic guitar. Her voice is queen. Reminiscent of an angel but she can bring out the devil in you when she serenades. She does not only look stunning, her talent is undeniable and with one note, perfectly pitched, she can make zillions of tingling sensations travel through your body. Yes, Saintess knows how to do it and even more, she does it.

Samples of her songs and performance listings can be found on www.saintesslarnia.com

For bookings and additional information:
Management: Lingual Markus, Markus Musician Management or Sarina Dumart - assistant

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