Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some of the artists I had the privilege to host at Palazzo Celestiale:-))))

JayP Burnstein:
Although I taught myself to play the guitar, I was able to acquire enough skill to be a sologuitarist in several bands for years.  Even though I was in these bands my heart has always been with singing. A few years ago i started singing online on some other programs on the web. My name there was *Jay* and one day a good friend brought me to Second Life. I am a very all-around singer from Engelbert Humperdinck to Elvis, Vince Gill to Michael Bubble and many many more.

Hi my name is Steve Heyden im 58. Ive been playing guitar since i was 12 and learned to read music at 45 
My goal is to supply SL venue owners with some quailty music and give people enjoyment .

Jon Bazar:
Jon Bazar is a show not to be missed, with over 300 songs worth of material from great acts such as Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, REM, U2 and many more, he is a great musician and has a great tone to his voice!
Jon Bazar, The Acoustic Experience you won't want to miss!

Hellig Melson
Hellig has been performing in SL for some time now and has been wowing audiences with the variety of genre that he is able to put across and the feeling he manages to invoke in his performances. Hellig has a musical background spanning the last 5 decades.  Growing up in a musical family Hellig began playing piano at the age of 5 and has become an accomplished musician playing keyboards, bass guitar and drums along the way. Early years brought a wide range of influences from swing/country/jazz to pop & rock through the 60s/70s/80s and beyond, all of which show through in the shows that he performs in SL.
Based in the UK, Hellig was  recently found performing at the Abbey Road on the River Festival 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky with “Wingsbanned” and prior to that performing at major venues around the UK as the musical director with “ElvisTonight”. Having “retired” from touring Hellig is now moving in a different direction here on SL by taking on vocals to compliment his keyboard skills which come to the fore in his “unplugged” shows.
Hellig lives for his music in all its genres and hopes you will enjoy the variety within the shows he performs which are representative of the musical influences in his life.

Sunrise Rhapsody
Sunrise Rhapsody  will captivate you from the first note with her soft voice. She has been singing all her life and plays both piano and guitar. Her voice is of the Norah Jones/ Eva Cassidy style, soft sensuous and beautiful....with the ability to have the listener feel the emotion of the song through her interpretation.

Tricky Digfoot Band
Tricky is from Michigan and had started in second life to join his wife ( Jazmine Luckstone ) and found that he could express more of his musical telents. Tricky bought his first sax at the age of 13 even thuo he had the love for the bass, and has love for music every since. And with a singing voice that every one had admired, at 20 years old he got behind a mic with a live band.
Later on in years he did finally picked up the bass and tought himself to play. He has been playing bass for 10 years and does very well and plays out in rl bands.
He also does Studio work with various local artist. With pro gear he is now bringing that love to SL with Rockin beat that is sure to get those feet stompen.

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